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Get FREE Download - Gamepad Mapper macOS App

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・Gamepad Mapper macOS App ver1.0 (worth $12.00)
Gamepad Mapper macOS App ver1.0

Gamepad Mapper is an application that can manipulate macOS with your Gamepad.
You can operate mouse cursor and keyboard input from Gamepad.
This application is useful when you want to control macOS games with your Gamepad.

Joystick Monitor macOS App


  • Launch Joystick Monitor app.
  • Connect your joystick to Mac (USB or Bluetooth connection).
  • The app automatically detects joystick and displays the telemetry window.
  • That's it! now you can check your joystick data.

※Xbox 360 Controller
You need to install a free driver called 360 Controller to get your controller working on macOS.
Download 360Controller