• Joystick Monitor – macOS App

How To Use – Joystick Monitor macOS App

How to Use

Step.1 Launch Joystick Monitor App
Step.2 Connect your joystick to your Mac (USB or Bluetooth connection)
Step.3 The App will automatically detects your joystick & displays telemetry window

That’s it! now you can check your joystick data.

How to install Xbox One & 360 controller

You need to install a free driver called 360 Controller to get your Xbox One or 360 controller working on macOS.
Download 360Controller

If the version 1.0.0-alpha is not working, we recommend you to use version 0.16.11💫
360Controller 0.16.11

Step.1 Download the 360Controller on GitHub

Download the .dmg installer file.

Step.2 Open the downloaded 360Controller installer (.dmg file)

Step.3 Click the .pkg file to install the driver

The driver installation will start.

If the driver is installed successfully, this message will be displayed.

Please restart your Mac.

Step.4 Open Xbox 360 Controllers in System Preferences

Xbox 360 Controllers is at the bottom.

If the driver is successfully installed, your Xbox controller that connected to your Mac will be displayed.

※If you installed ver1.0.0-alpha and your Xbox controller is not displayed, we recommend uninstalling ver1.0.0-alpha and installing ver0.16.11.
※You can uninstall the driver in the System Preferences.

That’s it! Now you can see your Xbox controller’s data on the Joystick Monitor App.