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F1 2017 - Interface Setup

The F1 2017 racing simulator by CodeMasters uses UDP to transmit its telemetry to 3rd party applications such as Sim Racing Dashboard.
By default this telemetry output is disabled. You will need to turn it on to be able to use Sim Racing Dashboard with F1 2017.
Enabling F1 2017 telemetry output on XBox1 / PS4 and PC.

  • Select "Game Options" from the main menu
  • Select "Settings"
  • Select "UDP Telemetry Settings"

  • Set "Broadcast Mode" to "Off"
  • Set "IP Address" to the IP address of your mobile device as shown in Sim Racing Dashboard once you have selected an interface.
  • Set the "Port" to "20777"
  • Set the "Send Rate" to "60Hz"